creating exit options

As a business owner you’re hard wired to grow your business, but why are you growing?

What is your ultimate end-game?

Without getting clear on this you may be working harder, but not smarter, because you have no real plan for the value you are creating in your business.

Is your vision to sell the company by a certain age so you can retire and spend more time with family?

Do you have a specific value that you want to build your business to? Perhaps this will fund your retirement or your next venture.

Do you want to build a business that will continue to generate income, without you at the helm, so you can focus on lifestyle goals?

Are you creating a legacy for your family and future generations, wanting to ensure your business continues to support them?

An Exit Plan is like a compass navigating your decisions.

 It keeps you focused on the right drivers of growth and provides a clear vision when times get confusing.

With every decision you make, you can ask yourself

"Does this get me closer to my desired end-game?"

We take our clients through a systematic process so they can understand their options and develop a clear road map for their exit. Here are some of the areas we cover:


Exiting means different things to different people. Knowing what's important to you, what you want from your business, and understanding your personal and lifestyle goals are crucial for success. Once these are established we can prioritise things from a financial and non-financial standpoint.


Getting your house in order from a financial perspective is key to exit planning. We help our clients to build a Financial Scorecard. It will factor in your timing for exit, personal and lifestyle goals and your goals for company value building.


We benchmark your business using an evaluation tool that rates your company against 32 different value drivers. This gives us a snapshot of where your business is now and what factors may be silently dragging down the value of your company.

exit options

When considering an exit, most business owners tend to think they have 2 options:

  • The sale of their business, with the help of a business broker, to a 3rd party buyer.
  • Transition of their business to an employee or family member over a period of time.

There are, in fact, many different options to consider. We’ll introduce you to a range of other scenarios to consider taking into account a variety of internal and external stakeholders and transition options.

Our aim is to find you the right exit option that matches your business, financial and personal goals.

  • Discover OPTIONS you may never have known about to preserve and create more wealth
  • Understand what will MAXIMISE financial YIELD
  • Find out what will MINIMISE financial RISK
  • Learn how to create VALUE and unlock WEALTH in your business

gap analysis

When we overlay the data from the benchmarking activity with your business, financial and personal goals for your exit, we can assess the ‘gap’. This tells us where you are today and where you want to be.

value building

There is a difference between running a business well and maximising the value of a business for exit.

Building value is crucial, no matter what your exit goal. When you have built value in your business, you can transfer it with little risk to a buyer or internal stakeholder.

Less risk means a buyer will place higher value on your business because they can step in and continue to run it successfully or scale it to the next level.

Research conducted by the Value Builder SystemTM on over 30,000 businesses has shown that there are 8 Core Drivers that increase the value of a business. As a certified Value Builder we will work with you to identify the key drivers to implement in your business to drive up it’s value. The success of this platform is that it is measurable and statistically proven. Companies with a score of 80+ have been getting valuations 71% higher than average scoring businesses. We’ll give you the system, tools and methodology to implement the right drivers in your business and work with you to measure and improve your results.

reaching the finish line

We work with you from beginning to end to ensure you get the right outcome. If your preferred option is to sell the business, we can take you to market and finalise the sale. However, selling is only one of many different exit options.  Whatever your chosen end-game, we'll be with you every step of the way.